summer’s here early
my shirt’s an isobar 

round a bag of salt-water 
birds pant 
their racket silenced.

overnight the globe has sagged:
while you huddle for snow spangles 
we stride ablaze in flip-flops 
& dinner jackets.

a thousand formic ants
inscribe the world’s hieroglyph.

Image: Just a typical day at Bondi, Caddy, George. Beachobatics and Jitterbug Photographs, Bondi Beach, 1936-1941, 1943 / by George Caddy, 1936 c/- State Library of NSW.

A quadrille for Dverse the poets’ pub, where Lisa is hosting next and asks us to use the triply homonymous word ‘abide’. Pub opens from 3.00pm (Eastern US time) Monday – come join the fun.

And in case you missed the reference to ‘flip-flops & dinner jackets’ here’s Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, currently in COVID-iso but still on the job…(pants optional).

Image: @scottmorrisonmp, Instagram

And for some tropical vibes here’s Brazilian jazz genius Egberto Gismonti in 2018 (he was 70 at the time) playing Selva Amazônica

17 thoughts on “abide

  1. I love ‘my shirt’s an isobar.’ I heard it is very hot in Australia right now. Hard to imagine as we hunker down preparing for snow but I hope it’s not dangerously hot where you are.

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  2. You have an early summer while it looks like we could have an early winter – the temperature here is dropping daily, but no ‘snow spangles’ yet. I love the image of a shirt as ‘an isobar round a bag of salt-water’ and those poor birds panting!


  3. The photo alone elevates my mood. I had to look up isobar, and if I’m reading you right, your shirt is plastered to your skin by sweat? Oh the heat where this happens and birds pant sounds delightful, especially near the water.

    My favorite lines:
    “while you huddle for snow spangles
    we stride ablaze in flip-flops”

    I visualize the “formic ants” spelling along Gaia from head to toe.

    Very cool poem that is clear yet enjoyable to read slowly and more than once.


  4. p.s. I also listened to Senor Amazonica. Very interesting looking guitar! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many frets on one before. The music isn’t bad. You can tell he knows what he’s doing.


    1. Understand completely Kate – I was reminded of PMs past – Doug Anthony running the country from a caravan; little Winston from his hideaway on the central coast – Hawkie from the poolside in his speedos – it’s a very Australian thing – this bloke though? He’ll be back in Hawaii.

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      1. the further away the better, I crossed swords with him when he was defence minister and lost any respect back then! I think he’s the younger brother of the orange man …


  5. This is an amazing write! I love; “my shirt’s an isobar round a bag of salt-water birds pant their racket silenced.”💝💝


  6. Yes, summer has grabbed me by the throat, but I note that here in the west we’ve had two cooler summers while you have had much warmer ones. You capture the heat felt so well. And … the PM is a flip-flop in my view.

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