The Pomegranate Seller, Capo Markets, Palermo

Like a ruby held up to the sunrise. Is it still a stone, or a world made of redness? Rumi

take 3 fugitive seeds 
between your teeth
and bite

spit pips right into the street

only 3 from the dozens spilt 
across the bench— 
here’s blood, here’s life  
split and guttered in a glass
husk hearts tossed in a pile
on the steps of St Agatha’s

He laughs at your hesitation
this old man, his yellow eyes—
here’s suffering, here’s delight
but you’re Persephone
in a Gucci t-shirt
wheat falling at your feet 
raise your glass in the failing light.  

Image: Danilo Gianni c/- Flickr. Laura is hosting Dverse on Tuesday and asks us to ‘step off the sidewalk’ into something mystical. Come join in the fun.

And for your listening pleasure here’s two treats – Astor Piazolla with Oblivion – and that same piece featured in a longer program of with the (insert superlative of your choice) Australian Chamber Orchestra.

30 thoughts on “The Pomegranate Seller, Capo Markets, Palermo

  1. Your poem is a puzzle with some pieces identifiable and others not. Lots of vivid images. I see choices that seem simple, especially to the jaundiced eye. Both musical selections very pleasant. The first feels like warm summer in sunny place. That chamber orchestra makes big beautiful sound with very few people. Interesting piece at the end with the glasses. I’ve seen them played with fingers before but never bows.


  2. I knew you’d pick this particular one! And what a fabulous poem you have conjured 😀 Love; “here’s suffering, here’s delight but you’re Persephone in a Gucci t-shirt wheat falling at your feet raise your glass in the failing light.” 💝💝


  3. I can taste those seeds, I had to read it a few times, but I think I’ve decided it has an existential vibe going on! ✨ existential sparkles for you ✨ It’s late here now, but I had to smile in the midst of the suffering with Persephone in the Gucci shirt! Life may be chewed up and spit out, but we smile anyway in the failing light! 😎

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  4. I love pomegranate seeds, especially with garlic, honey, grilled halloumi and toast; they are also beautiful to look at like little jewels. What I love about this poem is that it draws me right into the scene, I can see those pips spat onto the street, and ‘life split and guttered in a glass husk’. ‘Persephone in a Gucci t-shirt’ is genius!

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  5. Beautifully drawn – and I love how I never know where you are taking your readers with your words, let alone what the prompt drew from you. This is Persephone before the darkness snatches her away and strips her of her Gucci t-shirt


  6. his yellow eyes
    What an amazing detail that made his image immediately spring into my mind.
    And then there’s the Gucci tee-shirt…..the details here are so very good. What a scene you’ve painted for the reader.


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