The cyclist shortlisted

Delighted that my poem – The cyclist has been shortlisted for the South Coast Writers Centre Poetry Award competition – and to be in the company of such a fine group of poets. Many thanks to the judges Sarah Nicholson and Mark Tredinnick – and if you find yourself in Wollongong on Saturday 29 March, come along to the readings.

Also Tall Yellow Poem (a personal favourite) was long-listed for the same competition.

10 thoughts on “The cyclist shortlisted

  1. Congratulations on being listed twice, one short- I remember the cyclist poem and how good it is. The Tall Yellow Poem’s format is great for keeping the reader’s eye slow enough to get every last bit of it. “unensouled they never wondered what it was to be made” and
    “creation won’t wait it leans to life cutting through cawl squalling &rolling onto the page in a bloody rush”

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