if you are truly sorry…


 …a fish, fresh caught
bleeding on the steel
put your ear close and listen

…a tree (a willow or pine)
planed to a toothpick
poem of the heartwood

…a car at night 
engine red-lining
lights off, I’ll cover my eyes

…a war
Spring morning, azure bay 
the phone slews as the blast—

…a song
the strings appassionato
incendiary in the concert hall   

…a storm
bloom of vapour, bloom of leaves
washing mountains, washing air           

…a flood
knee-deep already 
Nikes and cabin bags floating by           

200k? half a million? phenomenal
electric in helvetica black         

luminous in a cobalt vial
sealed in beeswax and twine             

the Buddha opens his mouth

Image: A very large boulder, Flinders Island off the north coast of Tasmania. An odd piece of surreal images and haiku-esque phrasing – (I’ve been reading Issa lately). I hope you like.

And for your listening pleasure here’s jazz trio The Necks from 1989 with 56 minutes of Sex..

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