domestic pieces

plastic fork sijo

(after Charles Simic)

tined from some petrochemical hell / stabbed with it into chook fat
choke my ocean throat / as if Queequeg’s back in the prow
whale-chasing down the swell / 2.3 cents for 200 years


thank you for this dust 
tossed across the morning light
slap on well-worn boards
huff & punch    all heat   &  s……t……r……e……t……c……h   
ancient dance    this staff     this life


i left them too long
now they’re over-ripe & gone
my mother’s ghost tutts
‘waste not want not’ she insists
I make spiced jam instead


cars cows rooftop rescues
grand dams overwhelmed
everything aswirl in the bathtub
behind the sandbags
my tomato plants sag

on my 61st birthday

(after Issa)

now gimme
7268.5 days more

 — autumn of my life

Image: Port Kembla alley. Some smaller pieces for you to enjoy. The Charles Simic poem Fork is here; and the Issa haiku, ‘on my 50th birthday’, translated by Robert Hass (though it may have been written at 62 years) is here; the average life expectancy of males in NSW in 2017-19 is 80.7 years.

And here’s Roger Pulver with some more Issa haiku for your pleasure.

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