autumnal sijo


even as I beat these keys with my fist / they resist, spring springs back 
I groan, hammer the veins in my head / as if effort would suffice 
all winter’s rawness: the burnished furrow, the cornstalk wrecks


each stemmed orb falls back
the skiff heels hard hammered by the wind 
stairs a curtain of diamante falls 
in the canopy vermillion birds 
but I’m lit in this paper boat 
racing the rolling maw

wild night

offshore inferno, laser lights the deep // fizzing nucleotides 
16 swans taking wing thumping air // o flock in the dark  
rattling frames & chandeliers // andiamo you beauties, andiamo

Image: Swans from Manchester Museum, 2013 c/- Warren Fournier on Flickr. Some more sijo-like miniatures for you as the season changes here in Australia. If you’re interested in this traditional Korean form, this is a good place to start.

And for your listening pleasure (in case you were ever in doubt), here’s Texas soul-surf-funk-psychedelic trio Khurangbin with The Universe Smiles Upon You

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