A daily tanka – 7 May

a whale off hill 60 
buoys and rope-tangled fins
tail-slaps her distress

a crew out from the shore
first rescue of the season

Image: How cool is this? A collage of a humpback whale breaching c/- Michael Dawes on Flickr.

Hill 60 is on Dharawal land. Before settlement it was a place for Wodi Wodi folk to watch for fish before launching their boats from the beach below. Post-settlement it was named for the military during WW2.

The entangled whale has not been sighted since yesterday’s report. More on nets and cetaceans here.

Today’s musical offering is High and Lonesome steel guitar with the Howard Hughes Suite. In case you haven’t heard of…

“The Howard Hughes Suite is a modern-day cosmic cowboy. He stoically keeps a low profile and hunkers down in his home studio in the South West of England with his faithful instruments, away from the noise of crowded gig venues or the idle chatter between takes during session work, once his mainstay. From this isolated musical outpost he surveys Americana landscapes with a reassuringly classic, but distinctly widescreen, psychedelic pioneering spirit.”

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