another tanka – 11 May

thanks for this dust
ground out of sunlight
slap on well-worn boards

huff & punch    heat   &  s   t   r   e   t   c  h    
ancient dance    this staff     this life

Image: During lockdown, a neighbour left us wonderful bread, a loaf a week left on our doorstep. An additional tanka written for Dverse where Misky is hosting and asks us to write on food.

And for music while you’re eating, here’s some chorale from the European Renaissance – Paul van Nevel and the Hueglas Ensemble with Utopia Triumphans – (my favourite is the round Deo Gratias)

10 thoughts on “another tanka – 11 May

  1. Like the way you mess with the rhythm and the typography in the last two lines of the tanka, all that syllabic restraint can make the form a bit po-faced. Good one, JIM

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