a daily tanka – 15 May

water hyacinth
pretty rafts interlinked 
exponential growth 

in nature’s arms race
this is the killer app.

Image: Coomaditchee, my local lagoon this morning, now being strangled by water hyacinth (Pontederia crassipes) Another invasive weed (this one originally from the Amazon) going crazy in a new environment, kicked along by recent flooding.

As I’m a little troubled, today’s musical offering is an old prog. rock favourite Close to the Edge by Yes (and Yes, they’re still touring and making music) (Yes for Youtubers)

2 thoughts on “a daily tanka – 15 May

  1. Hopefully herbicides won’t be used to control it. RHS Wakehurst has a similar problem, and they (volunteers) rake the bottom of the pond weekly. Thanks for the YouTube link. Loved the bird song at the beginning.

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