A full moon tanka – 17 May

after a night out 
upright morning finds the moon
in cream and mottle
               she stops to lean
               her head on a power pole

Image: Japanese photographer Ikko Narahara with Negligee from 1962 c/- Are.na. Last night was the May full moon (named the ‘flower moon’ in the northern hemisphere – as everything’s blooming there); so no-one slept in our house.

From my favourite Australian jazz trio The Necks here’s Open (sorry Spotifiers, I couldn’t find this for you but it’s such a fabulous album, you’ll want to purchase a copy of your own).

4 thoughts on “A full moon tanka – 17 May

  1. We were under thick clouds last night. Missed the eclipse, and the blood moon, and all the excitement. I understand someone in Newcastle saw it, or they saw something moonish.

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