a daily tanka – May 20

enormous moon
rising over rooftops 
a yellow hibiscus
spills over your fence
— neighbours stare open-mouthed 

Image: A neighbour’s bloom in artificial moonlight.

And for music today, here’s French ondist Christine Ott with Chimeres (pour ondes Martenot). (Youtubers here’s the album) An Ondes Martenot is an early (1928) electronic instrument and a player of this weirdness is an ‘ondist’.

2 thoughts on “a daily tanka – May 20

  1. It’s such a warm tone. “Coma” is also interesting. Do you really have hibiscus sneaking a peek through the fence? So much better than our neighbour’s small white puffball that barks at us through the fence.

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    1. Oh I’ve got one of those too – a neighbour’s Jack Russell with an over-developed sense of territory…barks at any movement – leaves, birds, kidnappers…the joy of the suburbs…


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