plastic tanka — June 3

the daily strew
bottlecaps, cartons, plastic forks
on the face of the beach

like siddartha (frowning)
i realise time’s an illusion

Images: I was looking at dates on my phone and realised these range over more than six years of daily beach walks. Time is indeed an illusion (!)

And for music today, something to keep our eyes on eternity (while reforms to the plastics industry proceed over geological timescales): here’s Hildegard von Bingen vespers sung by the Benedictine Nuns of her Abbey. (Youtubers).

2 thoughts on “plastic tanka — June 3

  1. The Thanksgiving Mass for the Queen is on telly while your gorgeous music is playing. With that combination, one must be hopeful for the future. I love being greeted each morning with these lovely tanka treasures.

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