a flooded tanka — July 4

at the grocers
the girl checks her phone
as she scans my veg
feed of house, backyard frontage
their picnic table adrift

Image: People crossing a flooded street at Alexandria, Sydney. Photographer, Sam Hood, 1934 c/- State Library of NSW. As I write, another flood is inundating low-lying areas of Sydney and other parts of NSW.

And music this morning, here’s some pure Appalachian folk with Gillian Welch and her long-time collaborator Dave Rawlings with Boots Volume 1. The Official Revival Bootleg (Youtube)

7 thoughts on “a flooded tanka — July 4

  1. Tough when you have extremes to choose from: wildfires or floods. Gillian is a good ol’ girl. Love that voice. The first song about did me in, especially with my mother’s recent passing 😦


    1. Feels like it’s extreme all the time now – some folk have had their third or fourth flood this year alone. Gillian’s a wonderful singer full of longing (and hope too). Hope comfort finds you soon – best wishes Peter.

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      1. Agree on extreme all the time. I think the glaciers melting has put more water into circulation, and the heat draws it up into the clouds so it rains more. We have been in a drought for a couple of weeks now (not sure how long it has to not-rain to be considered a drought, but my flowers are feeling it.)

        I know Gillian from when she sang backup vocals on The Decemberists’ album, “The King is Dead.” If you haven’t heard that album, you should.

        Thank you very much, hoping it does too.


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