3 tanka — July 9

the mountain looms 
in massy grandeur
waterfalls, passes
avalanches (like a verb)
eucalypt fringed
mama in her lounge chair 
wind from coal loader
grit on the water glass
inhaler by the bedside
kids can’t sit still 
(undiagnosed synaptic noise)
Getaway® on tv 
he comes in heavy silence 
hands her the letter

Image: my photo of a lillium and rusty gal (galvanised iron). Getaway® is a long-running travel show on free-to-air TV.

And for music today here’s something to get you up and writing poetry on the dance floor: from Trinidad and Tobago the remarkable Calypso Rose with her 2016 album (her 22nd I think ! ) Far From Home (Youtube)

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