the banyan on northcliffe

in the road a century tree
guard railed, buttress of grasses

encirclement of kerbing 
captive and indomitable

speaks of road-makers’ charity (or cowardice)
its roots extend—feels the traffic above 

suckers appear in gardens
blocks away

it shades, a brief dark pool
sudden respite from the tumult

cruelly pruned to allow trucks
its leaves caress, its arms

wounded but beautiful
as you descend 

Image: The Australian Banyan (Ficus macrophylla,) tree this morning.

And for music, here’s Tom Verlaine (former guitarist with Television who died in January after a long struggle with cancer) with some gorgeous de-tuned guitar work from his 2006 album Around (only available on Youtube). RIP Tom.

4 thoughts on “the banyan on northcliffe

  1. That’s a beauty of a tree. It is very sad when roadside trees get maimed. Glad this one is still thriving. Amazing how its roots reach out. Imagine what it has seen in its lifetime. I saw that about Tom Verlaine. Was just getting into Television (bought a couple of their CDs in 2022.) Do you remember Glenn Buttkus from dVerse? He passed away on the 17th 😦

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  2. I love it when they preserve these old trees. There is a block in Ajijic where they have just built the road around the trees so you have to swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid them. People know this and just yield right of way.


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