a daily tanka—June 19

supermarket fruit

so upbeat    each luscious piece

a picture (of health)

— perversely tho     (like love) 

I hesitate to bite * 

* unless there’s a duck prepared to feed me berries while I sit in this blue tessellated sphere

Image: Hieronymous Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, detail c/- @BoschBot on Twitter.

And for music this morning, some cool jazz with Isreali born, New York based saxophonist Oded Tzur – with his 2022 album Isabela (start with the The Lion Turtle). (tubers). I’ll get off the jazz kick tomorrow, I promise.

a daily tanka — 4 June

seedless mandarin
how DELICIOUS is this? 
my mouth floods, fingers 
sticky segments ... like my life

kids laughing down the alley

After Malaysian-Australian poet Zhi Cham’s poem MANGOES AHEAD, among many fresh offerings at Cordite Poetry Review.

Today’s music: here’s something from 1977 – David Bowie with Low (so many faves like Sound & Vision)(YouTubers)

Sorry tanka fans, there’ll be no poem on 5 June. I’m off at South Coast Writers Festival – enjoying nourishing offerings and reading a few poems from Shorely, my first chapbook.