The Mezquita Mosque Cathedral, Córdoba, Spain


10 euro – adults,
10.00am to  7.00pm

What’s in a name? This building has been variously called mosque, cathedral, the great mosque of Córdoba, and the Catholic Cathedral of our Lady of the Assumption. Google ‘mezquita cathedral name’ and you’ll find recent news reports on local authorities’ attempts to remove the ‘mosque’ from the title of the building and have it become the Córdoba Cathedral. Continue reading

Exotica (2) Maison de la Photographie, Marrakesh

image Arévalo, Portrait of Hamidou, Tanger, 1885

46, Rue Souk Ahal Fassi, kaat Ben Nahi
9.30 to 7pm, 7 days, 40 MD

After hours of lefts and rights through the Marrakesh medina and hugging the wall to allow scooters to hurtle past being driven by elegant Moroccan women in mirrored aviator sunglasses listening to Beyoncé on their iPhones, we took a turn up the rue Ahal Fassi to the Maison de la Photographie. Continue reading