Poets against Adani – hope for whole e-book

Originally posted on Leaf Litter: Thanks to Stop Adani campaign for great images from last night’s Melbourne launch of hope for whole: poets speak up to Adani, a few eBook you can read more about and download here. Nearly 20 poets read their poems from a book representing over 60 poets writing in protest at…

via Poets speak up to Adani launched last night in Melbourne — Plumwood Mountain

Poetry and consumption


My poem – Bucolic, MM Beach has been published in the latest edition of Plumwood Mountain Journal.

…with 31 poems guest edited by Michael Farrell on the theme ‘Poetry and Consumption’, a bumper set of 20 book reviews, an essay on Amitav Ghosh by Jennifer Mackenzie and a wonderful photo essay on twilight by Jon Bennett, do yourself a favour and check it out here

Image: c/- NASA on the Commons: Albert Siepert Points Out Highlights of Apollo 10 Liftoff to Belgium King and Queen, May 1969. And (for no particular reason) here’s Bertrand Belin, (so Frenchy, so chic), with un deluge.