Kids’ stuff – Protection


Protection is the new film from the team at Beyond Empathy who brought you the award-winning Rites of Passage. It’s a four-year collaboration with a new generation of children and their families many of whom live in public housing in the Illawarra in NSW.

The film is a collection of stories about childhood – and deals with tough issues like: what would you do if your friend was in trouble? what would happen if you stole money from your Mum, or if you knew someone was cheating?

What’s striking about the film is its lively energy, humour and imagination. There’s a hilarious re-telling of Goldilocks story – featuring a display home and a big, bad real estate agent; there’s witches and spooks in the night, the imagined worlds of dinosaur-trees and clouds, and a lovely wedding to an imaginary prince.

These are stories told by kids, from a kids perspective.

The film looks great – with live action and animation combined. Intercut with the stories are the out-takes of the film making – young people managing camera and sound equipment and learning the technical sides of film-making.

Protection will also be used in class-room settings where the young film-makers will talk about the film and explore the issues raised.

Protection had its premiere on 23 July and a second screening is scheduled for Sunday 6 August, 4pm-7pm. at the Gala Cinemas (the last independent cinema this side of the sea-bridge) Cowper St, Warrawong. Free tix – contact or phone/text Phil on 0427697173

If you can support this important work, check out the beyond empathy facebook page and look for the upcoming crowd-funding campaign.

Five stars and a choc-top.

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