Sonnet (EM spectrum)

Structure Radio Telescope Effelsberg Black And White

Given there have only ever been a handful of emotions —
tho, as our eyes evolved to particular lines in the spectrum,
so our sensible hearts may be dumb to all the high-energy
bursts & low-frequency murmurings which rain on us daily —
a cloud transits the sun & we’re fighting again; a first green shoot
underfoot & I’m whistling pop songs on this mid-winter’s morn.

What return then for the millennia spent on the palace of verse?
An axiom or two on the vicissitudes of the self?
To finally be able to draw a line and say, ‘We’re done here?’
If I had a dollar for every ‘heart is an unknown country’…

Current thinking is that around the stars there’s some massive unknown
drawing us together & at the same time a wilder fury
blowing everything apart. Now there’s something useful to work on:
wires tremble electrical, listening for unheard music still.

Image: Radio telescope Effelsberg Germany, c/- Maxpixel; inspired by Eves the Behaviour song ‘Electrical‘ check it out.

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