Kids’ stuff – Protection – update

A new funding campaign has opened for Protection the film from the team at Beyond Empathy who brought you the award-winning Rites of Passage.

The money raised will be used to tour the film and finalise the edit. The kids made it to Canberra yesterday (Thursday 7 Sept) to meet the politicians on a blowy day  [read the Canberra Times story].

“We want to take it to all the capital cities and as many regional towns as we can. Two or three of us will attend each screening and talk to the audience.

“The tours are really important for us. Most of us have never been on a plane, or travelled far from the Illawarra. This whole experience will give us an amazing chance to shine.

If you can afford it, I encourage you to get behind this fantastic project.


The film is a collection of stories about childhood – and deals with tough issues like: what would you do if your friend was in trouble? what would happen if you stole money from your Mum, or if you knew someone was cheating?

You can read the original story here

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