The bodysurfers


lift together in the wave
as if for a moment
there was something
greater than us.

jump together
like kids at skip rope
(timing is everything)
as if for a moment
we were more
than skin
over rocks

on our chests
in our hands.

Image: Bondi beach, c. 1930s, c/- National Library of Australia. A quadrille for Dverse #45 where Mish is hosting and asks us to use rocks in our poem. And here’s Winston Surfshirt covering 50 cent 21 Questions.

14 thoughts on “The bodysurfers

  1. We often like to pretend that if we only take care of those rocks in us, then we will have achieved health. But what more are we neglecting? Why tend to only our bodies when it’s our souls that are eternal?


  2. There are few things as freeing as the swell of a wave, lifting you off your feet, and setting you weightless as the blue sky. Lovely bit of writing, Peter.


  3. I especially like this….”as if for a moment there was something greater than us”
    A humbling thought we need to have more often…love the “togetherness” vibe of this poem.


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