Musca domestica (for Seth Brundle*)


My own fly
attend(s) never tires
schools me
in futility.
My oafen wave partners two
for our daily pas-de-deux.

I’m the guy
swallowed the fly
and the world entire
hook, sinker and beautiful lie
& too late discovers
that world swallows guy.

Am I fly?
Both Brundle & thy
Tragedy! Worrying sights
odd appetites
for flickering kisses
as our summer flies.

happy man
(un) happy fly,
at war with my wilder sighs
fly from your arms fast
into day’s bright glass,
kicking & buzzing: do I live, do I die?

Image: Wikimedia Commons; * Seth Brundle (played by Jeff Goldblum) was the lead character in David Cronenberg’s 1986 hit, ‘The Fly’ (be afraid). Here’s my favourite summer cartoon from the brilliant Michael Leunig on the same subject. This was inspired by Kim of Writing in North Norfolk, who hosts dverse, the poets pub and asks us to consider the ‘Heavy Bear who Goes with Me‘.

4 thoughts on “Musca domestica (for Seth Brundle*)

  1. Very enjoyable piece with the undertone, “flickering kisses,” “fly from your arms.” I read the original short story when I was pre-teen, found it absolutely horrifying, at the opposite pole to Musca.


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