Quadrille – The sun itself


Sure it’s meant
to be abstracted at some level.
you’re involved — the
whole shebang. If I wrote
‘beach’ or ‘sun’ for inst.
tho you’ve walked
some similar season,
it is never quite…

Yet somehow this                    (winter bright shore gulls wind wheeling)

Image: Acrobats, Sydney, 1930s / Sam Hood, c/- State Library of NSW. A quadrille (a 44 word poem) written for Dverse, the poet’s pub – where Grace is hosting the bar’s 8th anniversary.

And for no particular reason, here’s Sarah Davachi with Pale Bloom (great music to write to)

9 thoughts on “Quadrille – The sun itself

  1. Ditto, Peter, good to be reading your work, and for myself, I think better intimations of mortality than unsubtle threats from the collectors of life’s debt. Funny thing– I was just listening to “Ain’t no sunshine (when she’s gone)” and somehow it keyed in with this fascinating piece; other interpretations possible. As always.

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