An Autumn Day – quadrille


after Rilke

After the spoiled summer
grey grey grey
grant us, Lord, this
one honeyed hour
for a generation
of flies and creepy-crawlies.
all birds to nests
frogspawn and rushes down.

Allow two more days
before the cutter,
blade stoned
to a razor

Image: The Close of Day, hand-coloured postcard early 20th century by the Sydney-based Broadhurst Post Card Company c/- State Library of NSW A seasonal quadrille for Dverse, the poets’ pub where De Jackson is stirring things up.

Here’s Rilke’s wonderful (and odd) ‘Day in Autumn

and here’s Echo & the Bunnymen with ‘Spare us the Cutter‘ – real glaciers and big hair.

12 thoughts on “An Autumn Day – quadrille

  1. You put so much into 44 words – that Faustian ‘hold the moment’ before the ever ensuing change. Excellent concrete stanza in form and sounds for the final chop.
    p.s. thank you for the link to Rilke poem which I am not sure I had read before


  2. Such gorgeous imagery. And the prayer for one honeyed hour for a generation of flies and creepy crawlies is so powerful. Also, the link to Rilke’s poem and then the commentary by the translator shifted the narrative of my entire morning. Thank you for such a thoughtful quadrille.


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