Corolla transformer

transformers-2 (3)

(A quadrille for my old car)

The mirror sticker on the hatch
(with pillar rust and fender denter)
such a giveaway, screams back right off

at any moment (most awk.
or mid-villain rant)
with a cough of old paint
and a fall of soft toys

the magic
starts up.

Image: The auto-bot parked on Cowper St, Port Kembla (“all quiet OP”). A quadrille for dverse where the number is 100 and word is magic.

And here’s the magic of Sandy Denny from 1972 with ‘It’ll take a long time…’

6 thoughts on “Corolla transformer

  1. Your Corolla reminds me of my previous car, a Camry, which had an interesting crop of lichen on the back. It magically disappeared 18 months ago, and cough was replaced by grunt.

    I enjoyed this humour of this one.


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