Arcadia lakeside


these days
all mowing’s been suspended
but for a gesture

a thin strip to
contain the bloom
of lantana, nettles

black jacks and
wild fennel.
bittou bushes

muscle the path
like bodybuilders
down a corridor.

with the rains
the savannah’s

taller than
a toddler on tippy-toes
taller than a cry.

at night
lions gawp
& the horses worry their traces.

despite our
we press on

(for the world
is already
a world away).

on the third day
we came to the
foot of the scarp

the ruined temple
the hewn steps
going down

the ante-room
alms tables and
dark drawn walls

and the ancient god
who weighs
each heart

against a feather
(and any future

& there’s
the Westfield
with the fluros coming on.

Image: Savannah, Lake Illawarra yesterday evening. Posted on dverse open link night #263.

And for those of you journeying across your lounge-rooms, here’s Terry Riley with Shri Camel from 1980.

15 thoughts on “Arcadia lakeside

  1. I had to dig in some to find a vantage, knowing you write from Australia & so “despite our / misgivings / we press on / (for the world / is already / a world away)” for me reads as “after catastrophe well into the next” — who thinks much of the aftermath of the great fires down under now that disease rages everywhere? Yet things do go on, the savannah returns after rains (was it once a lake?), the natural sings, the spirit finds old places to worship & there is shopping to do at the market, albeit less to buy than survive. Dunno if I read at all in line with your intent, but its a fine global example of what doesn’t quite fit in the grand plan of where we should be. But when did it and we ever quite fit?


      1. Everything starts from a thought, and just because we’re not quick enough to catch where it sprang from doesn’t make it any the less a fully-fledged, rounded and perfect thought.

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