not your touch (negative space)

not your touch but your absence
not your kiss but after
my cheek cooling

like the sun eclipsed re-emerging 
the land gradually dawning
birds waking again.

not your breath but your perfume 
just a trace — familiar, austere —
declines in the room
like a cloud moving away
the glare returning 
colours bleached and bare.

not your words but the place 
on the page erased
where a shadow remains
like a building emptied
or a statue burning
a space yet to be filled.

shirts, the torment of our sheets
your keys from the bowl 
all these things, these you-things
like a door closing or a film
framed by a door of an empty house 
the sound running down as we pull away.

the likenesses pile up
times when I mistake one thing for another
shadows for anime, windswept for blown back
the press of the tide for knowledge (of some sort)
hands waving hello for hands waving goodbye —
not your touch but your absence.    

Image: Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi ) c. 1900-1910 – from State Library of NSW Flickr .

And for your listening pleasure here’s Thomas Tallis’ (from mid to late 1500s) Mass for Four Voices – sung by Chapelle du Roi – as one youtuber put it “Sublime magnifique merci.”

26 thoughts on “not your touch (negative space)

  1. Wow, such remarkable poetry! I especially loved these few lines:

    “not your words but the place
    on the page erased
    where a shadow remains…”

    It’s so haunting in what it communicates. That lingering essence of what is remembered as left behind. Brilliantly penned and indeed so superb.

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  2. Beautifully written Peter, the photographic and filmic negative spaces interwoven with the energetic and emotional ones read so well on their own and with the Mass of Four Voices.

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  3. Your poem resonates with me, Peter, and made me tearful. A beautiful poem of loss. This stunning stanza reminds me of my mother and grandmother, whose perfume I still smell and I know they are still with me:
    ‘not your breath but your perfume
    just a trace — familiar, austere —
    declines in the room
    like a cloud moving away
    the glare returning
    colours bleached and bare.’

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  4. I always love to read a poem using negations, the connection to negative space in photography is excellent, whenever you describe something abstract (love, loss, faith… ) it’s so much easier to describe it by negations…

    I remember we had a prompt on this a while back


  5. You capture so truthfully the feeling when someone is no longer there. New reality defined by what’s missing – a kiss’ profoundness, a perfume’s evanescence, a key’s banality. The complex sum of another life no longer entwined with ours.
    Awestruck. Guru status, Peter.

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