cento tanka — June 21

             who wrote these lyrics?

the house is loud with autumn rain

            the night air is...bright

it’s already 2 a.m

            this strange thing must have crept

Image: Hill 60 is the ‘exclusive’ end of Port Kembla (doesn’t stop lime leaking from their cement render does it?)

A cento tanka comprised as follows:

  1. Blackbirds, Greg Rappleye
  2. Three Tanka, mikajima yoshiko (trs James Garza)
  3. This House, Katie Condon
  4. Already Two, Vladimir Mayakovsky.
  5. Fork, Charles Simic.  

And for music this morning, more solo instrumental joy with American guitarist Michael Hedges with his 1984 album Aerial Boundaries (thanks Lisa). (Youtubers).

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