a daily tanka — June 22

still so much to do
winter snows, my toes ache
eyes too           I lean back
and it’s you: your perfume
lifts this heavy bloom to gold

Image: For everyone enjoying warm weather, here’s a wonderful photo by Aral Tasher on Unsplash.

I just wasn’t happy with any drafts this morning, so I’ve updated an earlier post and squeezed it through the tanka-matic.

And for music today, here’s the multi-instrumental, multi-lingual, multi-talented Savalises (Jordi, Ferran and Arriana) with Monsterat Figueras and Pedro Estevan with their 2005 album of eclectic Spanish, Catalan & World music, Du Temps & De L’Instant (maybe start with La Salve feat. Arriana.) (Youtube album; La Salve).

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