found tanka — June 29

as he eats

he eyes 

the world

in his spoon

— how might

it end

for this man

this white carton

this suffering ?

An erasure (with a few liberties) of Jane Kenyon’s poem Man Eating, from Let Evening Come, Selected Poems, Bloodaxe Books, 2005, p. 128. (A marvellous collection from a fine poet gone too soon – if you’ve not read her poem ‘Having it out with melancholy‘ take a moment, it’s right here).

And for music this morning, some Indo-Baroque meets alt-folk minimalism from British string duo Balladeste — a collaboration between violinist Preetha Narayanan and cellist Tara Franks. Here’s their 2021 album Beyond Breath (Youtube).

6 thoughts on “found tanka — June 29

  1. vanilla would be an apt title for your tanka. ‘Having it out with melancholy’ does show her devastating acquaintance with it. The stanza with the dog tears me up. The musical selection strikes a chord with me.

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  2. what you found was also profound – the white carton/coffin – a man measuring out his life in yoghurt spoons (apologies to Eliot). I appreciated too the link to Kenyon’s melancholy – she knew it and knew how to say it without the maudlin clouds

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