a daily tanka — June 30

round here the parks have

harbour buoys and anchor chains

strewn over the grass 

tho plaques explain

unmoored, our past sails on 

Image: Port Kembla Maritime Park, I’ve been wanting to stop at this little neglected park for ages but it’s trapped between busy roads and across from the busy courthouse.

And for music, here’s Canadian world music ensemble Constantinople with kora maestro Ablaye Cissoko with their album Itinerant Gardens (YouTubers)

4 thoughts on “a daily tanka — June 30

  1. What else would one do with seafaring paraphernalia then scatter them about on the lawn. Eh? We do the same with anchors and a dory or two here and there. Love the music!

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  2. Glad you finally had a chance to check out the park. Neat piece of maritime history. We have pieces of war machinery (cannons, tanks, etc.) usually parked out in front of our VFW’s (Veterans of Foreign Wars.) The VFWs are where you can get real strong, cheap drinks, and decent fish dinners at a good price. Of course you have to be a member unless you know someone who will sign you in.


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