a daily tanka — 1 July


exercise chalked  

on the pavement

keep going ... nearly done ...

good job ... smiley face

Image: Physical culture class at the Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture, Sam Hood photographer, c. 1934 c/- State Library of NSW on Flickr. A very determined quartet of athletes. Nothing profound this morning.

And for music, here’s Tibetan singer composer Yungchen Lhamo with her new album Awakenings (Youtube). I know I get carried away with these musical offerings but this album is one you really should listen to twice then go out and buy. Wonderful music to write poetry to and proceeds support the charitable foundation One Drop of Kindness – assisting people in Tibet, Nepal and India, in the USA, and in Ireland.

3 thoughts on “a daily tanka — 1 July

  1. imagining the chalk as the dried sweat. can’t think of a better testament to effort. You’re right the music is good all kinda ways. calming and gentle prayers gone to the wind. hope they reach their destination

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