a daily tanka — June 14

praise each grower
train driver coal loader
car and seafarer

grace of bright gantries 
at each berthing, each grain

Image: Coal loader, Port Kembla. After living here for nearly a decade, we finally did a tour of the port part of Port Kembla. While I doubt that late-stage capitalism has a future that includes us working poets, the port with its gargantuan machines was impressive, almost exciting — maybe it’s a boy thing.

I was between two offerings for today’s music and couldn’t decide. So here’s Chopin’s Nocturnes (Youtubers) played by Tunisian-French pianist Brigitte Engerer. And my other choice, thinking back to the docks, is Lee Dorsey with Working in a Coal Mine (“Lord I’m so tired”) (tubers). The whole collection is pretty good (Youtubers).

Bonus: Two additional photos of the coal loader for Misky and Mr Misky and fans of big lifts.