a daily tanka — June 14

praise each grower
train driver coal loader
car and seafarer

grace of bright gantries 
at each berthing, each grain

Image: Coal loader, Port Kembla. After living here for nearly a decade, we finally did a tour of the port part of Port Kembla. While I doubt that late-stage capitalism has a future that includes us working poets, the port with its gargantuan machines was impressive, almost exciting — maybe it’s a boy thing.

I was between two offerings for today’s music and couldn’t decide. So here’s Chopin’s Nocturnes (Youtubers) played by Tunisian-French pianist Brigitte Engerer. And my other choice, thinking back to the docks, is Lee Dorsey with Working in a Coal Mine (“Lord I’m so tired”) (tubers). The whole collection is pretty good (Youtubers).

Bonus: Two additional photos of the coal loader for Misky and Mr Misky and fans of big lifts.

7 thoughts on “a daily tanka — June 14

  1. I’m remembering the post from a few days ago about the river diversions for hydro electric and now I see mountains of coal here. Seems like the sustainable is never enough to sustain, eh? My dad, grandpa, and uncle used to work in a factory that built cranes (Dressor Crane and Hoist.) The Chopin tune is haunting and beautiful. He’s another one of my favorite classical musicians, always fresh.


  2. I’m liking your tankae. It is indeed a beautiful sight. I haven’t been down there for decades, when I did I was working on weld process monitoring at various steelworks. Today, as I wait for the lights go out, I am not in the mood for much praising. Except for you Peter, your poetry is always praiseworthy. 🧡

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  3. Now you have me dancing around the kitchen! Mr Misky is a retired Maersk man, if that means anything to you; we love cranes and top-loaders.


  4. Years and years ago I went down (up?) to Port Kembla with AQIS to look at a bulk carrier which was being loaded with coal. Walking around the decks and below measuring pipes is probably about the most fun I’ve ever had on a working day.


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