a daily tanka — June 13

winter’s first silver 
sea burnished brilliance 
palisades blown down 
kids in a Kia tool by
laughing like nothing’s changed.  

Image: Famartin, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

And for music this morning, here’s Cecilia Bartoli singing Mozart Arias. (Youtubers) I was listening to this as the wind howled and banged around the house and after a while the weather calmed right down. Hope it works for you too.

a wintrous tanka — June 6

this icy blast
polar provocation
snow bunny flurries — 

but wait...a sunny bench
too late to tan?    just killin it

Image: Lake Illawarra this morning (The eagle-eyed will notice my old collie in the background still photo-bombing the art.)

Day 6 of European Settler winter here in Australia; the First Nations season on Dharawal land is Burrugin. This is the time when the male Burrugin (echidnas) form lines of up to ten as they follow the female through the woodlands in an effort to wear her down and mate with her. It is also the time when the Burringoa (Forest Red Gum – Eucalyptus tereticornis) starts to produce flowers.

And here’s some sunny music from 1951 from Ahmad Jamal with Poinciana (start with the title track). (YouTubers – sorry, could only find title track – but this is lovely too)