A delay on the Northern Line


The Night Express slow on wintry tracks.
Reflects in station glass
hard faces sunk in coats and scarfs;
damn cold through every crack.

Out on the darkened plain appears
ahead the smallest light
becomes a blaze against the night,
those gathered to its cheer.

Image: Pexels. A quadrille (44 words) for Dverse where De Jackson is hosting and asks us for ‘cheer’ in our writing.

And for today’s December playlist, here’s Franz Schubert’s Winterreise – (Winter Journey, for those actually in winter at the moment).


13 thoughts on “A delay on the Northern Line

  1. Great piece Peter. I loved the lonesome feel snd mental visual I got of those stark rails, and that train light approaching. Excellent mood and atmosphere! Love the title too. Could be a Woodie Guthrie, or a Bob Dylan, or a Joan Baez song… but what it was, was a wonderful poem… :/)

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